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Liposuction Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Reveal the Slender Frame Within

Liposuction Santo Domingo, Dominican RepublicIf you've hit the gym, tried all the diets, and still haven't shed those last few pounds you want to, then liposuction may be the solution for you. With tried and true procedures that actually remove fat from the body, you can be left with a slimmer, sleeker, and more elegant silhouette. With liposuction, you can wear more fashionable clothes and fit better in them, feel more comfortable in swimwear, and have more confidence when it comes to people, your job, and your life.

Dr. Luis Holguín is an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon, with a strong talent in liposuction. At his Santo Domingo practice in the Dominican Republic, he can help you achieve the more toned, slender body of your dreams. Contact our plastic surgery practice today to learn more about liposuction and discover how we can be a good fit for you.

The Procedure

Performed using either local or general anesthesia, the procedure begins with small incisions in the skin that are not more than a third of an inch wide. These allow a cannula, or a small thin vacuum tube, to be inserted into the deep fat tissue layer with minimal scarring.

Once inserted, the cannula is moved back and forth to break up the fat and extract it out of the body. With the tumescent technique, a liquid mixture of lidocaine, epinephrine, and a salt solution is injected into the treated area; this prevents blood loss, provides a localized pain killer for improved comfort, and makes the removal of the fat more efficient. Any lost fluid is replenished intravenously throughout the procedure.

After the proper amount of fat tissue has been removed, the incisions can be either closed or left open to allow for post-operation fluid drainage to occur.

Potential Risks

Liposuction, like any surgery, can carry some risks with it:

  • Allergic reaction to medications
  • Post-operation fluid accumulation
  • Infection
  • A long healing time
  • Burns from friction
  • Creation of blood or fat clots
  • Excessive loss of fluid
  • Possible damage to skin or organs

In extraordinarily rare cases, clotting, fluid loss, and/or organ damage can sometimes result in death; however, our highly-trained staff - led by Dr. Luis Holguín - protects against such unfortunate risks with remarkably high standards of practice and decades of experience in liposuction. As in every surgery though, it is important to consider these risks before choosing this treatment.

Learn How Liposuction Can Help You

If you are interested in getting rid of fat through surgical treatment, liposuction is a safe and effective procedure that thousands of people trust every year. To schedule a consultation, contact the plastic surgery and liposuction specialists at our Santo Domingo office, in the Dominican Republic. Our experienced team would be more than happy to help you drop pounds and look your best.